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Solar charge controller
12 V, 24 V
30 A

Technical data

  • End of charge voltage main charging phase: 14.1 V/28.2 V
  • Trickle charge: 13.7 V/27.4 V
  • Trickle charge: 10.5 V/21.0 V
  • Protection class IP20
  • Length of temperature sensor: 150 cm.

Own power consumption Active: 15 mA, standby: < 1 mA, with load on: 130 mA
Matching rechargeable battery Lead-acid
Temperature range -25 - +60 °C
Weight 890 g
Control type Serial
Width 112 mm
Length 190 mm
Category Solar charge controller
Current load 30 A
Module load (max.) 30 A
Nominal voltage 12 V, 24 V
Charging current (max.) 30 A
Height 59 mm
Module power (max>0 360 Wp

Highlights & details

  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Protection against deep discharge, overcharge, reverse polarity and overheating
  • Expandable with remote display with SD card mount
  • Automatically recognises system voltage (12V/24V)
  • Desulfation function through pulse charging
  • Temperature-dependent correction of charging parameters
  • Step-up function


IVT's 18319 - 30A MPPT solar charge controller belongs to the manufacturer's series of modern, microprocessor-controlled MPPT solar charge controllers, which were developed for charging lead-acid batteries in solar stand-alone systems. The MPPT (maximum power point tracker) enables you to make optimum usage of the solar power of your solar modules. The most efficient operating point of the solar modules changes due to factors such as exposure rate, temperature and the type of solar cells. This optimum operating point (MPP- maximum power point) is monitored constantly by the internal microprocessor of the solar controller and is controlled by the MPPT in such a way that your battery is always charged with maximum power.

When the maximum charge voltage of your battery has been reached, the MPPT solar controller switches the charging current
off. The microprocessor is also responsible for controlling all important protective functions.
A load output to be switched by push-button enables you to switch on and off all consumers connected to the MPPT solar charge controller by the push of a button.

Step-up function
The MPPT solar controller is equipped with a step-up function, i.e. the solar controller charges even if the solar voltage is lower than the battery voltage. Here, the maximum charging current is 1A.
Note: Please note that this function is not given if the solar voltage is lower than the solar controller’s own consumption. In this
case, the solar controller switches to standby. (See explanation of standby function)

Standby function
When the solar charging power is lower than the solar controller’s own consumption, the standby function is automatically activated after 30 seconds. This may also occur when the module is connected to the solar controller for the first time. When the solar controller is in standby mode, all battery status LEDs (4, 5, 6) and the optional remote display are switched off. Now the solar controller checks in intervals of 11 minutes whether sufficient solar power is available. If yes, the solar controller switches to normal charging operation. Now one of the 3 battery status LEDs is on. The standby function may also be deactivated manually by pushing button 1 once.

Deep discharge protection The solar controllers of the MPPT series are equipped with deep discharge protection, i.e. with battery voltage decreasing to 10.5V, the solar controller switches the load off automatically. As soon as the battery is recharged over the solar module, the load switches on automatically.

Overcharge protection The MPPT solar controller stops the charging process reliably, when the final charging voltage is reached. This prevents the battery from being damaged by overcharging or heavy steaming. The final charging voltage is factory-preset to 14.1V at 22°C.

Desulfation function (pulse charging)
Following the regular main charging phase, the solar controller applies pulses to the battery. This causes sulfate layers in the battery to be dissolved which prolongs the battery lifetime significantly.

Temperature protective circuit
The MPPT solar controllers switch off the load current, when the temperature inside the device is too high. The load output continues to function. When the solar controller has cooled down to normal operating temperature, charging current is reconnected automatically.

Reverse polarity protection The MPPT solar controllers are protected against incorrect connection to the battery. In case of incorrect connection to the battery, the red LED7 is on. Ensure correct polarity when connecting (LED7 is off). The solar controller is reset automatically and ready for use again.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Pulse charging
  • Automatic standby mode
  • Charging status indicator
  • Status indicator
  • Dynamic end charge voltage
  • Load output button for switching consumers connected to the charger on and off
  • Automatic recognition of system voltage 12/24 V
  • Protection from deep discharge, overcharge, overload, overvoltage, high temperature and reverse polarity.

Included in delivery

  • MPPT solar charge controller

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 3 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by MPPT solar controllers I am writing this review to warn people that some MPPT controllers are fake.(Google"Fake MPPT" to find the name) I bought one of these and its performance was rubbish.Very unstable current.Less than £60 bought direct from China but up to£200 from some UK solar suppliers.The IVT controller works very well.I have four 80W panels on a manually rotating frame charging a 225AH 12v battery.They are connected in a series/parallel combination doubling the output voltage and halving the amps(typically around 35V in operation) thus reducing loss in the cable.The IVT can accept up to 60V input and step the voltage down and the amps up to charge a 12V(or 24V battery).I can measure input volts/amps and output volts/amps with the remote control.On a late September day 304 watts was going into the battery .Very impressive.This controller does what it says on the tin.-Extracts the maximum power from the panels by allowing them to operate at the optimum voltage.With PWM controllers the battery volts drag down the panel voltage and dont allow them to generate maximum power. 25 September 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by MPPT the way to go I have 2 banks of panel and even with the very low sun (its winter in the UK) I am still getting around 12 Amps from each bank. with the old controller I was only getting about 13 Amps from all 4 panels. changed over to the mppt charge controller and I am now off the grid. so I think that says it all. so you know what I am running 1 fridge 1freezer 14 LED lights 2 pumps all 12 volt off one bank the other bank runs a 1500 watt invert er that runs tv computer radios and other 220v bits 10 February 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Super performance I've been using the solar charge controller for a couple of weeks now and it's managed to charge the battery really quickly even in bad weather (as far as I can tell, obviously it depends on the panels). I'm going to buy the remote control for it too! 19 January 2012
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