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Item no.: 191444 - 89   [Part number: 65096; EAN: 9783645650960]
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Franzis FM Valve Radio Deluxe 65096

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Franzis FM Valve Radio Deluxe

Highlights & details

  • Kit with all necessary components
  • Resonating body made of genuine wood
  • Perfect sound quality with a high-quality speaker
  • Receives national and local FM radio stations


Franzis FM Valve Radio Deluxe - the product details below will help you select and purchase the item you want at Conrad online:

Build your own radio! Listening to the radio is great, but listening to a radio that you have built yourself is even better! It's a simple project with this complete kit. Without too much effort, you can create your own fully functional FM valve radio in a stylish retro design. The high-quality speaker and an elegant wooden housing unit recreate the typical warm sound quality of a vintage valve radio. Looks as good as it sounds! The included external loop aerial guarantees excellent reception, even from distant stations. The electromechanical dial allows for precise station tuning. The base board is already equipped with the essential components, and all other components can be simply connected and soldered in. You will be listening to your very own radio in no time.

All you need to assemble the radio is a soldering iron and 4 AA batteries 1.5 V.

Not suitable for children under 14 years!

Technical data

Age class 14 years and over
Specification Ultra short wave (FM)
Tuner FM
Category Vintage tube radio
Version Kit

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