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Item no.: 560098 - 89 
Manufacturer No.: FHT 8W
EAN: 4016138559675
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Heating technology N/A Black IP65

Technical data

Category Load control switch
Operating voltage 230 V
Contact load capacity 230 V/8 A
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Protection type IP65
Colour Black
Width 11.5 cm
Length 5.5 cm

Highlights & details

  • Saves unnecessary water circulation
  • Saves heat and power costs
  • Radio-controlled


The water cycle respectively the heating must not operate continuously because of heat demand relay. The heat relay evaluates the data, which gets sent between wireless room thermostat (up to 10 rooms) and the Radio-set order no. 56 06 06. Thus the heating system can be managed accurately and energy to the actual heat can be accordingly controlled. The switching output of the heat relay is either connected to the burner control or circulation pump. The display informs you about the status of the zone controllers, the switching output of the heat relay and shows further operational information. The device detects the transmitted data of the area regulator minutely in automatic mode. A safety circuit ensures the function even with continued radio interference. A manual switching is always possible

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Save loads of money When used with the FHT 80BTF Wireless Thermostat Saving Set it will save you a fortune as the boiler is only on when there is a room that needs heating 22 March 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by FS Heating controls This is part of Remote control system Conrad FS20. Due to the eccentric way the web site is written you need to note all the product codes that you are interested in to ever be able to find them again as book marking the page does not work the next day. If you are looking for central heating controls you should look at the following items. 570056, 620347, 617500 (570056 and 620347 combined), 646463, 570855, 560098. Look at Downloadable documents for the pdf instructions. I expect that you will want to save them somewhere to refer back to. I suspect these have been translated from German and so could be clearer. I found that they needed a lot of rereading. The items mentioned work well and I am very pleased with them, but do not expect to get technical help. 560098 is the boiler controller and if you are purchasing thermostats controllers for several rooms (which I have) you should seriously consider having this as well. It means that the boiler and pump are only switched on if there is demand from a wireless connected thermostat. There is an option on the boiler controller for each thermostat not to call for the boiler to fire unless the valves are open at more than the percentage that you set. It has to be set for each room. I have set mine at 25% which means that the boiler will not fire unless at least one actuator is open at more than 25%. Of course if there is one higher then the boiler fires and all the partially open radiators receive hot water. It is a pity that there is not one that can be put on the hot water tank. I find that it works very well and had it wired in (professionally) so that I can run with this or the original controller in case anything goes wrong. I had to get an additional switching unit to do this. As someone else has mentioned you must just tap the menu button to program it. The menu options show very small at the bottom right of the window and are 3 letter abbreviations of the German words. The English pdf has a translation of the words used. It tend to cycle through the options too quickly if you take time to select which option you require but you soon get the hang of this. Despite the manuals I could not discover the codes of the individual thermostats at the thermostats. This is not a problem so long as when you are programming the thermostats to the boiler controller, you write down the room name and code which will show on the controller when programming in of each thermostat. If you do this systematically, recording the room order when you program in the thermostats you will be able to see in the controller's window which rooms are calling for heat at any one time. 17 July 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by save more energy With this gadget you're no longer dependent on inflexible heating control systems. The heating and circulation pump stay on if a higher temperature is needed in a particular room. It's very easy to to install and use. 03 February 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Pump / Boiler heating circuit radio switched relay I have been looking for a thermostatic control system for individual room temperature control for years. I had actually resigned myself to a messy installation of wired 240/V pipe valves & unsightly hard wired room thermostats, involving draining down the heating, ripping up flooring and cutting copper pipework in the original system in my house, plus having to get a trained electrical engineer to run and test all the required wiring. CONRAD with the superb wireless room thermostats and two way feedback from the radiator wireless controlled valve actuators has been an amazingly simple installation. No draining down of the boiler system. No unsightly and difficult wires to each valve or room thermostat. Just open the boxes, unscrew the old valve head, screw on the radiator control unit, insert a couple of batteries and then READ the manual carefully. This is the one part which on the first installation can be a bit tricky. The manuals could be and should be improved. This was the only area where I had any problematic issues to contend with. The relay unit manual needs an explanation clearly indicating that to get into the 'LEARNING MODE' for accepting the room thermostat wireless codes you only have to very lightly touch the designated button on the relay unit. PRESS this button and you will not jump into the correct menu system. Just dab the switch and you jump in with no problems. Once this has been found out then the rest of the set up is reasonably easy. ALL IN ALL Conrad has got a fantastic heating control system with a lot more that can be installed with extra wireless receivers and control units. John Edwin Skelton, York, England 27 November 2009
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