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Protect the environment and save money with rechargeable batteries
Rechargeable batteries are used in most portable devices, providing long lasting power on the move. Their reusability gives them an advantage over disposable batteries that end up in landfill after one use. Modern rechargeable batteries can often be recharged thousands of times over. This is better both for the environment and for your wallet.

When it comes to rechargeable batteries, the experts at Conrad Electronic UK know what's important. On the Conrad site you're guaranteed to find the ideal battery to suit your purpose as well as a large range of battery accessories:

Rechargeable batteries in all standard sizes: we've got the right battery for your device including rechargeable AA, AAA, size C, size D and size N batteries at great prices and with bulk discounts on all types.

Rechargeable batteries in special sizes: Conrad stocks NiCd, NiMH and lithium batteries in specialist sizes, including fraction sizes and solder tagged batteries in our easy-to-navigate specialist battery shop.

Lead-acid batteries: when capacity is more important than compactness the long life and versatility provided by lead-acid batteries is the right choice; from lawn mowers to mobility scooters to solar PV systems they have the power you need.

Battery accessories: battery storage boxes and testers are available to order 24/7 from Conrad’s online shop.

When it comes to rechargeable batteries one thing is clear: you can always rely on the very highest quality from Conrad. All of Conrad's rechargeable batteries have high capacities, low levels of self-discharge and are long-lasting.


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