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Battery Chargers

Quality battery chargers from Conrad Electronic UK
Without the correct charger, rechargeable batteries are no more useful than disposable ones. That's where Conrad Electronic can help with our range of battery chargers to charge batteries of all types and sizes.

Lead-acid battery chargers: recharge car batteries, solar PV batteries and scooter batteries in a way that protects them against damage. Our lead-acid battery refreshers are perfect for regenerating the capacity of lead-acid batteries and significantly increasing their life expectancy.

AAA / AA battery chargers: the most common type of battery charger but by no means the least advanced. With intelligent chargers, each battery is charged individually meaning you can charge batteries of different brands, types and capacities at the same time. Conrad stocks models that display the current charging status of each battery so you know how long it’ll be before your rechargeables are ready to use. Universal battery chargers are the most versatile solution for charging batteries of all common sizes. They are much more convenient (and cost effective) than having a different charger for each battery type.

LiPo chargers: charge lithium polymer batteries quickly and easily - chargers with varying charging currents are available from our collection.

Solar chargers: the charger for people who want to charge on the move - ultra convenient and also environmentally friendly. The tiny but efficient solar panels built-in to the charger enable batteries to charge whenever the sun is shining; an essential item whenever and wherever you are travelling.

All of Conrad Electronic UK's chargers are simple to use and feature the very latest charging technology.


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