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Get ready for adventure with outdoor accessories from Conrad Electronic

Welcome to a world of outdoor accessories! For short trips smaller outdoor equipment is always useful - pocket knives, multifunction tools, weather stations, hand warmers, rucksacks and grilling tongs are all included in our range. Conrad has everything covered for longer trips too:

● Top-of-the-range GPS systems will always tell you accurately where you are.
● Discover buried coins and other hidden treasures with a metal detector.
● With an altimeter you're always at the height of adventure.
● Observe fascinating underwater life in its natural habitat with a fish finder.
● Telescopes enlarge interesting stars and planets.
● Observe wildlife at a distance unnoticed with binoculars.
● Travel light with a disposable camera to capture those unexpected moments.

When darkness falls you can easily get lost, but our ample range can help you find you way: glowsticks, pocket torches, petroleum lamps or night vision equipment... with outdoor accessories from Conrad you'll never be left stranded or in the dark!


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