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Storage Media

Practical storage media at home and on the move

Storing data is one of the most basic functions of a computer. Storage media can also be used to transport or transfer data. One of the first portable external storage media was the floppy disk, which has now all-but disappeared and been replaced by a newer, more powerful generation of storage media.

In our modern multimedia world there's a wide variety of devices between which data can be transferred using storage media, such as digital cameras, laptops, MP3 players and mobile phones. External storage media such as USB sticks are compatible with almost every device. Such 'pen drives' are especially suited to small and medium amounts of data: you can easily save photos, text or images on a USB stick.

Storage media for security purposes

External storage media also have another important function: backing-up data. For large amounts of data, such as the complete contents of a hard disk, you’ll need a docking station or an external hard drive. The use of such storage media is recommended for all PC users, because if your computer breaks or gets stolen all your personal data will be lost unless you back it up regularly.

A wide variety of affordable storage media for private and professional use can be found in Conrad's online shop. So play it safe and order your storage media today!  


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