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Solar & Wind Power

Let the sunshine in: solar PV and solar heating at Conrad Electronic UK
With rising energy prices, there's never been a better time to start generating some or all of your home's electricity using solar power. As technology advances, this energy source is becoming an ever more viable solution for domestic use: so-called microgeneration. Conrad's range of solar panels, lighting kits and heating systems can get you started in gaining energy independence! Our range features solar PV technology as well as:

Thermal solar systems: for hot water and central heating. Conrad Electronic UK offers complete solar systems for roofs as well as accessories including connectors and hot water cylinders.

Solar panels: individual solar panels are available at Conrad as monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels as well as thin layer or 'organic' solar panels.

Other solar technology: from solar motors and solar batteries to solar systems, these all work completely free from the grid. You can find also all the accessories you need, from cables to solar charge controllers.

Wind power technology: wind is one of Britain's greatest natural  renewable resources. Our range features compact wind generators suitable for a wide variety of uses including marine and in caravans producing power to charge 12V even at relatively low wind speeds.

Conrad solar system planner
On our website is a useful tool that will plan what solar technology products you need to design your own system based on the power requirements you enter. Take the hard work out planning your solar power system with Conrad Electronic UK!


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