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Home automation from Conrad Electronic UK makes your life easier

With remote controlled systems you always have everything within reach, whether it's adjusting a radiator or dimming a light. Find the right home automation products for you in just a few clicks!

Wireless technology and control from Conrad

Setting up a wireless home automation system couldn't be simpler. Want to dim the lights for a DVD night without getting up off the sofa? No problem! HomeMatic automation systems integrate household appliances and can even be controlled using an iPhone. Thanks to built-in dimmer switches you can set your lighting to exactly how you want it. Don’t want to get wet going to work in the rain? Thanks to our garage door drives you can open and close your garage doors automatically from inside your car.

Intelligent automation adapts itself to your needs – for example Conrad's FS20 remote control system for blinds detects sunlight and temperature. It closes the shutters at a pre-defined point and opens them when needed, so you neither sweat nor freeze. Create your perfect home environment!

Remote home automation is especially useful when you're on holiday: you can set your lights to switch on and off at different times to make it look as though you're at home, deterring potential thieves. With wireless systems like HomeEasy you can control your home from all over the world via your smartphone.

Don’t hesitate! Order your remote control system from the home automation experts: Conrad Electronic UK.


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