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Soldering technology for all kinds of repairs at Conrad Electronic UK
It happens: a connection in your TV set, remote control or other electronic appliance breaks. With soldering systems from Conrad's online shop you can reconnect these breakages quickly and easily.

Our range is broad and specialized: with electric soldering irons and stations simple soldering tasks are a breeze. Soldering stations are earthed, which makes them especially safe. We also sell all the essential spare and replacement parts.

Different applications require different soldering tips and operating temperatures. The soldering tip is the most important part of a soldering iron: with finger-like sensitivity and high-end soldering technology you can make the finest of repairs, especially with a precision soldering iron at a low wattage.

Gas soldering irons and blowtorches, by contrast, use butane and reach very high temperatures of over 500°C: brazing is used where heat or mechanical connections are severely stressed. For all the challenges you face you'll find the right soldering system for you at Conrad.

Our soldering range also includes high-quality soldering accessories, such as cleaners to keep your soldering iron in tip-top condition and fluxing agents to improve the connection between the solder and material to be repaired. They are lead-free and therefore environmentally-friendly – soldering wire that already has optimum flux added. So everything will stay firmly connected thanks to our optimal soldering systems!

For aluminium and plastic parts we also stock high-quality repairing solder. And if you're not satisfied with the results our desoldering systems ensure that you can loosen old solder joints safely without leaving any residue.


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