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Torches & Headlamps

Torches from Conrad: see in the dark!

Who is likes the dark? Certainly not outdoor enthusiasts and those hit by power cuts! That's why Conrad Electronic has a torch for every occasion. Click to discover our extensive range:

● Mini torches shaped like pens and micro torches on keyrings are infinitely useful, for example for illuminating the keyhole when coming home late at night or searching for something in your bag. A mini torch is the perfect pocket companion!
● Robust and long-lasting technology forms the basis of standard torches. They provide radiant white light and their optional computer-designed reflectors ensure minimal shadows.
● Headlights are perfect for all kinds of work where you need both hands, for example when using heavy equipment. They're also popular with outdoor sportspeople who only have the time to exercise early in the morning or late at night.

Then there are LED torches, on which you can rely for long life, varying levels of brightness and environmentally-friendly charging. Many also feature an SOS flashing light for emergencies, and dust and water resistance for use in extreme conditions. Discover our great range of LED torches and matching LED bulbs - from simple models for limited use to the very best in lighting technology.

A Maglite is always a faithful companion: with minimalistic design, long life and a large beam, Maglite torches are in a class of their own. Whether for your keys or in an affordable set for the whole family: a Maglite torch will always light the way!


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