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Use an electric fan to stay cool at home or in the office

When summer hits and the temperature starts to rise, it might be time to purchase an electric fan. Even a small fan can make life a lot more comfortable. Of course, if you’re looking for something more substantial, there are plenty of options available. Just take a look at all the different handheld fans, pedestal fans, stand fans and more available from Conrad.

Keep things simple with a table fan

You choice may be limited by the area you work in. If you’re short on room, a small fan such as a Desk or Pedestal is probably the best option. These fans take up very little space, and tend to be the simplest and cheapest option. They can also be purchased quite cheap, and there are plenty of different models available from brands such as Tristar, Honeywell and Vornado.

Think about a freestanding cooling fan if you have more space

If you have plenty of room, an upright fan or fan tower might be the right way to go. These larger devices are often capable of cooling a wider area and can be purchased relatively cheap, although the best fan towers will cost significantly more. As with table fans, stand fans are also offered by a range of brands, including Duracraft, AEG and Balmuda.

Consider a ceiling fan for long-term cooling

Upright fans and table fans are both seen as temporary or portable arrangements. For a long-term solution, a ceiling fan is often more suitable. This type of cooling fan takes a little more work to install, but once that’s done, there are no issues surrounding storage. These large fans, from brands such as Casa Fun, Westinghouse and Hunter, vary significantly in price, and generally cost more as the quality and size increases.

Ceiling fans are a common choice for residential homes, businesses and industrial premises where they will be in frequent use, and present a neater look as opposed freestanding alternatives.

If you elect for a ceiling fan, there are also a range of accessories to consider, including remote controls, extension rods and new fan blades. Changing the fan blades is an easy way to change the look of a large fan, especially if you want to make it fit more appropriately with your current décor.

Before purchasing any ceiling fan accessories, make sure that they are compatible with the fan you are buying. This is obvious if it is from the same company, but a full list of compatible brands can also be found in Conrad's product detail section. A simple extension rod is probably not going to cost you too much, but complicated accessories such as feature-heavy remotes will often set you back a decent amount.

Whatever your requirements or budget, Conrad's wide selection is sure to have a fan to suit your needs. You can also feel secure knowing that Conrad has decades of experience with all types of electronics, including electric fans.


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