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Power Supplies & Mains Adapters

Power supplies and power supply units at Conrad Electronic UK
Get the right voltage, current and power for your application with power supplies from Conrad. We offer a range of over 3,500 power supplies and mains adapters for every application; all of them come with a 2 year warranty.

Plug-in mains adapters: practical and ideal for powering many common devices at home and while travelling, these adapters feature interchangeable device plugs and adjustable voltages. All our power supplies are efficient and energy-saving - crucial for today's demands. If you're planning to use your power supply in other countries it's worth paying attention to whether power supplies have universal voltage compatibility and consider a 12 V cigarette lighter power supply to use in the car.

Transformers: transformers are crucial in power supply systems. Our comprehensive range of transformers feature PCB mounted transformers, flat form transformers and universal transformers - whichever type of transformer you're looking for, we've probably got it!

DC/DC converters and inverters: voltage converters are essential elements of power supply systems when it comes to powering sensitive devices. These are available order 24/7 in Conrad’s online shop.

Laboratory power supplies: with our laboratory PSUs featuring adjustable voltage and current, the user is completely in charge of the output power making them ideal for testing or powering devices with specific demands. The displays on these devices give the user full control over the PSU's features.

Alternating voltage regulators: infinitely adjustable output settings are a feature of alternating voltage regulators.

Uninterrupted power supplies: be safe with Conrad Electronic UK. Our UPSs provide reassuring protection against power cuts and fluctuations in voltage.

We take great pride in our excellent service: if you need your power supply urgently, upgrade to our 24 or 48 hour UPS express delivery services.


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