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Robots from Conrad: to help and entertain you

Robots continue to fascinate people even today. We have a great selection of robots that aren't just for techno buffs - they can even help you around the house!

Cleaning and tidying never been your favourite pastime? At Conrad you can discover vacuum cleaner robots and washing robots, which can learn routes and avoid obstacles. With a range of optional accessories, of course!

Robots can also be used to over long distances: web robots can be remotely controlled from many kilometres away using WiFi technology. Thanks integrated cameras, you can even monitor home with a robot from the other side of the world.

Modelling fun and service with Conrad Electronic

Our robot kits are ideal for hobbyists. You can, for example, tinker with automated robot arms or running robots. Gear wheels, printed circuit boards and other parts can all be found under 'robot kit accessories'. Children and the young at heart will love our toy robots, which respond to the slightest movements and noises. There's something for everyone in our range - whether practical or entertaining, at Conrad you'll always find innovative technology!

Browse our pages and order robots and robotics from Conrad's online shop in the comfort of your own home: you can pay by PayPal, credit/debit car or BACS.


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