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Workplace Health & Safety

Personal protective equipment: minimise the risks with Conrad
Doing DIY or construction work is never without its risks, so making sure you have the right protective equipment is key. At Conrad we have everything you need. Work shirts, work trousers, work jackets, protective gloves, safety shoes and safety helmets are often a legal requirement for certain activities. In addition we supply special protective clothing for use in forestry work, laboratory settings and extreme temperatures.

Our range of professional harnesses and fall arresting equipment will keep you safe when working at a height. Our tip: you can protect yourself not only against larger dangers but also against smaller ones such as with our range of kneepads.

Not just for professionals: personal protective equipment is for DIY enthusiasts too!
People with breathing difficulties can benefit from respiratory protection while painting and decorating. With gentle skin care products you can clean any paint and dirt from your hands and keep them touchably soft. Eye protection, such as goggles, is also handy to have at home, for example when cutting firewood. And reliable ear protection not only helps foresters - amateur musicians and clubbers can use it to protect their hearing too.

Safety clothing from A to Z in Conrad's online shop
Whether for home or professional use we offer inexpensive personal protective equipment of the highest quality. Our online shop for work clothing is easy to navigate: you'll find what you're looking for with just a few clicks including safety helmets, ear protection, eye protection, footwear, fall protection and protective masks.

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