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Energy Usage Data Loggers

Smart energy-saving solutions from Conrad Electronic UK
When you save energy, you save money. With increasing levels of awareness about the effect of energy consumption on the environment and the rising price of electricity and gas, many people are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption at home and at work.

To start reducing the amount of energy you use, you need to be able to measure how much energy you’re consuming. Energy consumption meters allow you to do this. These devices allow the user to find out which appliances are using the most electricity and costing the most money.

Conrad Electronic UK offers a number of energy consumption meters to help you take control of your energy bills

Energy cost calculators: simply plug devices into the meter and read the cost of running them based on their energy consumption and current electricity prices. Such meters can also calculate the annual cost of using your appliances - the best way to start saving energy.

Smart metering: smart meters can do a lot more than conventional plug-in energy consumption meters or household electricity meters, making it possible to stay in control of energy consumption at all times. A smart meter system transmits all data recorded directly to your PC where it can be processed and analysed.

3-phase meters: even traditional AC meters and 3-phase meters can help you save energy. They can show the energy consumption of your entire household and individual appliances.


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