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The Smart Way of Life

Smart Home - Maximum comfort starts here

  • Make your life easier with products that think and act for you
  • Monitor and control your home, anytime anywhere
  • Save money, time and energy

In a Smart Home you can sit back & relax and let the electronics do everything for you. In a conventional home you are the one that operates everything such as the light switches, thermostat or a coffee maker. In a Smart Home everything is done for you which gives more comfort and better control, it also saves money and ultimately gives you an easier life. Devices such as lights, thermostats, alarm systems and so on are replaced by smart electronics which think and do everything for you.

How does a smarthome work? Learn more.

This system consists of 3 main-components:

  1. The gateway; This is the “computer” that replaces your brain and thinks for you
  2. Sensors; Different sensors replace your senses such as ears, eyes and nose and notice things for you
  3. Actuators; Actuators are the devices that replace your hands and feet so that they do the work for you

With these 3 components you can manage your house, let it operate on its own or control your house on your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.

We will help and guide you in making your home smart

Even though the principle is simple there are a lot of solutions that can upgrade your comfort and make your life easier. You can for example monitor your house with your smartphone or turn your lights on and off with a single swipe. Did you also know that your heating system can adapt to you? There are just too many smart solutions to describe here…

Are you interested in smart solutions but not sure where to begin? We have tested dozens of different brands and installed countless smart products from plug&play to trial&error. With our knowledge and through our experience we defined six main groups of products to help you on your way. Below you can find all the information and products you need to upgrade your life, the smart way!

Main groups

Security and Safety

Prevent emergency's thanks to smart security solutions

  • Get push-notifications when there is a fire, burglary or signs of danger
  • Monitor your house and prevent danger wherever you are
  • Save money and time by preventing emergencies

Secure your house with smart solutions

Camera and door surveillance

Monitor your house, anytime, anywhere

  • Monitor your cameras from anywhere with your smartphone
  • See 24/7 what's going on in and around your house
  • Save time and effort by looking before acting

Take control of your camera surveillance

Light and Switches

Take full control of your lights and switch everything wirelessly

  • Lights and switches that act, adapt and think for you
  • Automate lights and devices and take control with your smartphone
  • Save money on your energybills thanks to LED and smart switching

Switch devices wirelessly and automate lights

Heating and Cooling

A smart way of saving energy and upgrading comfort

  • The perfect climate, anytime of the day
  • Change and control your climate with an App
  • Save money by not wasting energy

Create climate control with your existing heating system

Blind and door control

Automate blinds and remotely control windows and doors

  • Secure your house with automated blind and door control
  • Open and close your entire house with the touch of a button
  • Save money by adding window-control to your climate-system

Control doors, windows and blinds automatically

Multimedia and Wearables

Connect your audio, video and mobile devices to your smart home

  • Wireless audio, video and data streaming anywhere in your house
  • Create, control, and monitor your smart home with mobile devices
  • Save money by upgrading existing devices with smart electronics

Create the multimedia epicentre of your smart home

Our brands

Security & safety Camera & surveillance Light & Switches Heating & Cooling Blinds & Door-control
Conrad RSL
Devolo Home Control
Elgato EVE
Home Wizard
Osram Lightify
Philips Hue & friends
Rademacher DuoFern
Renkforce RS2W
RWE SmartHome
Trust Smart Home


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