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Manufacturer No.: 4500 PRO UK
EAN: 4016138977257
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4500 PRO electricity meter UK

Technical data

  • Power consumption reading range: 0 - 9999 kWh
  • Overload settings: 1 - 19 A / 1 - 3999 W
  • Wattage resolution: 0.01 - 1 W
  • Power factor reading range: 0.01 - 1

Category Energy consumption meter
Type 4500 PRO UK
Features built-in child safety guard, Selectable energy tariffs, built-in battery buffering, TMRS, Energy cost calculator, backlit display, Alarm function
Country GB
Reading type Actual power, Energy consumption, Power factor, Nominal voltage, Amperage, Frequency, CO2 emission
Nominal voltage range 190 up to 270 Vac
Mains voltage (max.) 270 Vac
Mains voltage (min.) 190 Vac
Power (max.) 3120 W
Power (min.) 0.23 W
Recording time (max.) (details) 9999 hrs
Operating voltage 230 Vac
Current range 0.01 up to 13 A
Current (max.) 13 A
Current (min.) 0.01 A
Self-consumption 0.4 W
Weight 180 g
Power range 0.23 up to 3120 W
Frequency 50 Hz
Accuracy 1 %
MID-approved No
Width 125 mm
Reading category CAT II
Type For mains outlets
Power factor Cos φ (min.) 0.1
Power factor Cos φ (max.) 1.0
Height 79 mm

Highlights & details

  • UK version
  • 0.23 - 3680 W
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly cost projections
  • Displays CO2 emission


Detect hidden energy guzzlers, and save money on your utility bills.
Not every home appliance consumes the same amount of energy. This in-line adapter makes monitoring energy consumption of common appliances incredibly easy, both in standby mode and when being used. Modern household appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, come with different operating modes and programs. This electricity meter shows you which of the programs is the biggest energy guzzler.

Compared with the basic product, the PRO version displays readings ten times more accurately (one more digit adter the deimal point).

The meter takes readings covering a range from 230 mW to 3.68 kW. It also calculates the resulting energy costs (in EUR) if requested. Energy cost projections include daily, weekly, monhly and yearly calculations.

Also allows you to set a limit. Enables monitoring appliances in the case of unusal readings.

Readings and additional information are displayed on a backlit high-readability screen. The Voltcraft comes with a built-in battery, enabling setting up the device and taking readings without access to mains supply.


  • Child safe socket
  • Displays actual power (W), energy consumption (kWh), power factor (CosPhi), grid voltage (V), amperage (A), mains frequency (Hz), activation time, time, and greenhouse gases
  • Programmable overload display
  • 2 selectable electricity tariffs, 2 time settings
  • Built-in NiMH buffer battery
  • Backlit display
  • Selectable standby level enables accurate standby readings
  • True RMS readings
  • Overload display up to 3999 W.

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