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MAX! Wireless Heating Control Set

Technical data

Category Wireless climate control kit
Series MAX!
Frequency 868 MHz
Content 1 pc(s)

Highlights & details

  • Accessible via mobile devices
  • Includes MAX! Cube, MAX! Thermostatic Radiator Valve and MAX! Wall Thermostat


This set allows you to control the central heating system in your home via internet or smartphone app - from wherever you are. The MAX! Cube enables setting and adjusting all MAX! system components in each room of your house. Quick and easy configuration of all system components via the MAX! Software. The Cube stores the settings of each device, allowing room climate control without access to PC or internet.
Automatic time-based room climate control: the MAX! thermostatic radiator valve. Choose programs for one or several days, with up to 13 time settings per day. Time settings can be changed manually via the TRV control knob. Easy to install. No draining of radiators or central heating system required. System can be extended by wall thermostats, and, using the MAX!Cube, with window sensors and ECO switch
Comfortable room temperature when entering a room - at the push of a button. The MAX! wall thermostat acts as a common remote control for up to 8 thermostatic radiator valves and up to 8 open window sensors in each room. As the wall thermostat is battery-powered and thus doesn't need an external power feed, it can be fitted anywhere in the room ( to the door, etc). Compatible with switches manufactured by Berker (S.1, B. 1, B. 3, B. 7 glass), GIRA (system 55, standard 55, E2, E22, event, Esprit), Merten (1-M, Atelier-M, M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Star, M-Plan) YOUNG (A 500, AS 500, A plus, A creation) and ELSO (Joy).


  • · MAX! Cube
  • Wireless two-way communciation with all system devices and a built-in status monitor ensure system functionality, reliability and safety
  • Heating control from wherever you are via smartphone or mobile device
  • Operates 50 devices in a total of 10 rooms
  • AES-128 bit encryption
  • Easy configuration of all MAX!devices via the MAX! PC software
  • Easy to set up and operate - no IT knowlege required
  • System can be extended any time by adding more TRVs, window sensors wall thermostats and ECO switches
  • MAX! purchase price includes access to MAX! web portal.
  • MAX! Thermostatic Radiator Valve
  • Easy to fit - no tools or fiddling with the central heating system necessary
  • Compatible with all standard radiator valve brands including Heimeier (M30 x 1.5), Oventrop A (M30 x 1.5) and AV6 (M30 x 1.5 ) types, Comap D805 (M30 x 1.5), as well as Danfoss RA, RAV, and RAVL
  • Compatible with MAX! Wall Thermostat. No MAX! Cube
  • Automatically adjusts to any radiator specs via adaptive control circuits and additional flow limiters (optional). No hydraulic balancing of raditators required.
  • Factory presets allow immediate use
  • Optional manual setting
  • Frost protection and temperature drop detection
  • Valve protection
  • Changing the settings of one device will be automatically matched by all other devices in the same room.
  • Boost function for immediate heating
  • 6 selectable programs and 13 different time settings per day enable room climate control that suits your lifestyle
  • Large backlit display
  • Keypad lock
  • MAX! Wall Thermostat
  • Controls all thermostatic radiator valves in a room
  • Boost function for immediately switching on all radiators in one room
  • Large high-readability LCD
  • Continuous display of actual/setpoint temperature
  • Configuration via MAX! Cube possible
  • Programmable comfort and minimum temperature
  • Changeover between automatic and manual mode
  • Built-in holiday and party mode
  • Battery-powered - no wiring required
  • Easy to fit via included enclosures (included) or as a part of most conventional switch brands.

Included in delivery

  • MAX! Cube
  • MAX! Thermostatic Radiator Valve
  • MAX! Wall Thermostat
  • USB power supply
  • USB cable
  • Network cable
  • 3 x Danfoss valve adapter
  • Batteries
  • Alternative enclosure
  • Mounting plate
  • Fixings
  • User manual.

System requirements

  • Information on how to install MAX! software on a Mac with OS X Yosemite available at

Free MAX!software download available at

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